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Friday, 14 June 2013

Amniotic fluid, Amniotic fluid information

Amniotic fluid

The so-called amniotic fluid is the uterus during pregnancy amniotic fluid. Throughout the pregnancy, it is indispensable to sustain fetal life an important ingredient. Different developmental stages in the fetus, amniotic fluid source also varies. In the first trimester of pregnancy, amniotic fluid mainly from embryos plasma components; later, with the development of the embryo's organs begin to mature, others, such as fetal urine, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, umbilical cord, placenta surface, etc., have become a source of amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid composition

98% of the composition of the amniotic fluid is water, while a small amount of inorganic salts, organic matter and loss of fetal hormonal Amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid Cells. The weight of the amniotic fluid will usually increase with the number of weeks of pregnancy and increased at 20 weeks, the average is 500 ml; to 28 weeks, will be increased to 700 ml; at 32 to 36 weeks, up to approximately 1000 to 1 500 ml; which then gradually decreased. Therefore, based on the clinical 300 to 2000 milliliters normal range, more than this range is called "polyhydramnios" not up to the standard are called "oligohydramnios syndrome", these two conditions are necessary special attention.

Name of the Origin
Because amniotic membrane (Amnion) The word is derived from the Greek word Amnos, this is the meaning of lamb, because lamb coated with a layer membranes birth. Therefore extend this usage, so will translate into amnion.

Amniotic fluid is an ancient term, the source for Yin and Yang theory. Ancient word "sheep" and "yang" is the same, Yang, Yang two homonyms, represents the beginning of human life, without sun, so that the source of human life, beginning as "amniotic fluid." Should actually be "yang water." Human life from Zhengyang beginning to end is yin. So Yousui become life opens Fetus in the amniotic fluid.

A symbol of the beginning gave birth to the origin of life of the land. Now says the amniotic fluid, in fact, out of the traditional Chinese medicine theory argument, should be corrected as "Yang Water."

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