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Monday, 30 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 01

What are early pregnancies symptoms are a lot of first time pregnant ladies is very concerned about the topic, so early symptoms of pregnancy, those who do? How to determine if they are pregnant, reproductive health network put together this blog to tell you what may occur after pregnancy symptoms.


First, you stop menstruation?

Cessation of menstruation is the most significant is the earliest pregnancy signal.

Scientific reason:

Your menstrual period may be due to nutrition, diet, mood, and even jobs for various reasons such as sudden changes in a temporary disturbance.

But if you have had recent intercourse and love the fact that the menstrual period does not have any incentive to delay for ten days, which should cause you a high degree of vigilance. This time, you most likely pregnant, you continue to stop after 14 days, immediately to the hospital for laboratory tests.

So, perhaps the most obvious symptom of pregnancy is menopause.

The symptoms led to more pregnant women notice the symptoms.

Some women, compared with normal, may only experience some of the weaker performance of the symptoms. They may be found before menopause, did not find any of the following symptoms mentioned.
Tip: Women pregnant after menstruation does not come back, but a few people in the pregnancy after a "pregnancy period", this phenomenon occurred in less than three months of pregnancy, generally appears only one time, it is characterized by bleeding a small, color light, short days, with any of the previous period are different. In fact, this is not true menstruation. After pregnancy "pregnancy period" the real reason is not yet clear.

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