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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Artificial Uterus

Artificial Uterus

An artificial uterus (or womb) is a theoretical device that allows extracorporeal pregnancy or extrauterine fetal incubation (EUFI) by the growth of an embryo or fetus from the body of a woman's body that would normally internally the embryo or fetus term.

An artificial uterus, as a replacement organ, would have many applications. It could be used to help women with damaged or diseased uterus to carry a pregnancy to term. Potentially, this can be realized as a switch of a natural uterus an artificial womb, thereby moving the threshold to fetal viability much earlier stage of pregnancy. In this regard, can be considered as an incubator with widespread functions. In addition, can potentially be used for initiation of fetal development. Furthermore, it could serve to carry out, for example, fetal surgery procedures at an early stage rather than having to postpone pregnancy until term.


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