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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mortality and surgical risks of hysterectomy

Mortality and surgical risks of hysterectomy

The short-term mortality (within 40 days of surgery) is usually reported in the range of 1-6 cases per 1000 when performed for benign causes. The risks of surgical complications are the presence of fibroids, younger age (vascular pelvis with an increased risk of bleeding and increased size of the uterus), dysfunctional uterine bleeding and parity.

The mortality rate is several times higher when performed in patients who are pregnant, have cancer or other complications.
Long term effect on mortality for all cases is relatively small. Women under age 45 have a significantly long-term mortality that is believed to be caused by hormonal side effects of hysterectomy and oophorectomy.

Approximately 35% of women after hysterectomy undergo another related surgery within 2 years.

Urethral injury is not uncommon and can range from 2.2% to 3% depending on whether the mode is abdominal, laparoscopic or vaginal. The lesion typically occurs in the distal ureter near infundibulopelvic ligament or a ureter crosses under the uterine artery, often from positioning blind fasteners and ligation to control bleeding.

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