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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Low back pain in the pregnancy

Low back pain in the pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is not a big problem once you establish the cause of it.

Back pain in pregnancy

In most cases, doctors attributed back pain during pregnancy with increasing weight. There are some simple ways that you can address the problem. With the easy guidelines, you can relieve pressure on your back and just because of problems with her pregnancy. Many mothers worry about the pain. It's a good idea to talk to a doctor first. From here you can see the problem that you have. Should be a be a doctor, the doctor may prescribe a medication for back pain in pregnancy. If the discomfort is common, you can do the following tips:

I. Use low shoes: Many ladies like walking in stilettos style. However, during pregnancy, it is a good idea to go for light and flat shoes. This will increase the body's balance while walking. You should avoid high heels because they will force the spinal cord and cause back pain in pregnancy. The market has fashion shoes and trendy that you can look good in.

II. Some pelvic exercises: In the early months of your pregnancy, you can try to do some exercises that can help relax the muscles of the back. You lie on your back and knees bent. You hold yourself together with arms and body rock from side to side in slow and easy actions. Then you can do it several times with good rest intervals to not get tired.

III. You can use a pillow. It can be used to support your back while sleeping. As you progress, you can get a small pillow to support your belly. This will help get rid of excess weight being carried back when lying.

IV. Maternity Belt: Today, there are more ideas to help hold the mother's womb. The maternity belly is used to increase a little support when walking or standing around. It is a good idea for working mothers who are always on their feet. It can make movement easier and the mother does not tire quickly. The best thing about this film is the fact that it affects the blood circulation of the mother. It can be used when you are asleep.
May. You can massage your back with a liniment if the pain becomes severe. However, you should consult with your doctor to confirm whether it is a safe product.

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