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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lower back pain in early pregnancy, early pregnancy back pain

Lower back pain in early pregnancy

Back pain in early pregnancy is a common problem that most expectant mothers experience.

Doctors say that the cause of back pain in early pregnancy due to increased body weight. This brings imbalance and some body tissues overworked causing deformation. Most of the pressure in pregnancy is placed in the back. This makes you feel tired all the time. Back pain in early pregnancy can extend even over the nine months. Doctors also say that the hormonal changes during pregnancy can be attributed to the low back discomfort. Other complaints include lower abdominal pain. However, you should go to see a doctor so that the cause established. Not a good idea to assume the cause:

I. Do some exercises: You must resist the temptation to lie. You can try some exercise, such as going for a walk. This is safe for mother and baby. You should avoid rigorous activities such as running or lifting weights. You should talk to a professional consultant on the activities that are good for you. Back pain in early pregnancy can be treated by making some simple exercises.

II. Adaptation of an upright posture: When you're pregnant, the weight on the front end tends to make them feel like bending forward. You should try as much as possible to stay upright. The earlier in pregnancy you start the better for you. It relieves the discomfort as the weight is not concentrated in one area of
​​the body. When seated, get a chair that can fully support. When standing, do not rely on objects in an awkward posture.

III. Rest: You should avoid strenuous work tend to make you bend all the time. You should try as much as possible to relax. This will give your muscles time to rest. You should tailor the type of a position that makes you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you should change the position. It's a good idea to avoid things that affect your back. You should be careful with heavy loads.

IV. Eat right: You should keep out foods that make your stomach feel bloated or cause constipation. It is healthy to drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber. This will prevent the discomfort of indigestion. If you are under medication that is causing the problem, go back to the doctor. Low back pain should not be ignored in pregnancy. It could be a sign of a serious underlying problem.

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