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Friday, 14 June 2013

Amniotic fluid colour, Amniotic colour

Amniotic fluid colour

Amniotic fluid colour change with increasing gestational age.

Term before, amniotic fluid is a colorless, clear liquid; term due to have fat tires, fetal skin exfoliated cells, vellus hair, hair and other small pieces of which was suspended, then the amniotic fluid was mixed with mild milky white flocculent there of.

From the colour of the amniotic fluid during pregnancy can also know the situation:

Medical Equipment

Yellow-green or dark green: Fetal distress syndrome.

Marked red or brown: Fetal death.

Golden Yellow: Female children ABO hemolytic caused by amniotic fluid bilirubin.

Viscous yellow: prolonged pregnancy, placental dysfunction.

Purulent or turbid with the smell: intrauterine infection.

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