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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 19

Appetite changes (more like sour things)


sour green mango

Some women in the time period expires soon (1 - 2 weeks) occurred on the first transfer of appetite. Usual favorite things at the moment do not like the. Eaten a food does not eat a second time. Some people just do not want to eat or even to vomit; some people like to eat sour things. After two weeks to one month general, this symptom will naturally disappear.

Sour tamarind

Tips: In eating habits and tastes may change, we must find ways to replace the pattern and change the taste, so eat at any time to eat, frequent meals, eat one even has the line, it will not spit the food nutrition absorbed into, so you cannot eat from the children's feelings, the changes to eat whatever you desire, can increase a lot of nutrition.

Sour Mango

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