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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 14

Emotional and irritable

With so much to deal with the symptoms of pregnancy, with a sudden increase in hormones, you will be emotional for pregnant women and often irritability; women have to adjust their mood to accept new responsibilities. Their world has changed. While some woman's have been carefully arranged for their own pregnancy thing, but often they will inevitably be the timing of pregnancy, their careers, economics, insurance, temporary disk issues, mother-child relationship or other problems later in life.


Pregnant women are emotionally complex and are a natural thing, whether it is pleasantly surprised, or depressed, happy or sad, either laugh or cry, they are the natural expression of complex emotions. Partner may feel so confused, perhaps even less support. Pregnant women need to talk with their partner explained: due to emotional ups and downs of pregnancy, they need understanding and support of the other half.

Pregnancy woman's alone to bear all the changes brought about by pregnancy, they are not too much to ask for the other half. Partner only need help when they need, a little bit more patience, love, give them more hugs and words of support. Meanwhile, the vast majority of husbands need support; they sometimes need guidance. No one told them to do anything about pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy, for them, is a strange and mysterious.

The symptoms of pregnancy after the first six months began to ease. Remember to sleep, a normal diet, drug taking prenatal vitamins, and exercise by walking to the following.

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