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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 17

Weight gain

Of course, the inevitable weight gain is a symptom of pregnancy. Your clothes will become increasingly tight, you will feel fat, and weight continues to rise. Your body will become increasingly large; this is one result of pregnancy. However, the effect is not to eat strange foods to eat, such as prenatal vitamins and cod liver oil pills effective. Greedy is derived from some kind of nutrition for your body craving.

Vitamin B12 source. Pregnant women with healthy diets

If you are preparations for pregnancy, your doctor will tell you, you may experience some of the early symptoms of pregnancy; you should eat some of the prenatal vitamin tablets. Vitamin supplements for pregnant women and fetal health is very important. In order to fill in your stomach that the little guy grown up, your body is in great need of nutritional supplements. For example, doctors recommend that pregnant women taking vitamin B. B vitamins can prevent the baby's birth defects. Remember to give your body and your baby to provide adequate nutritional supplement. When you first pregnancy symptoms appear then began taking B vitamins.

Now a day’s pure cod liver oil is taken many women. This can provide DHA for pregnant women and the importance of fetal nutrition and Ω3. Tests proved that cod liver oil rich in DHA which the fetus can Ω3 vision, nerve, and brain function to provide nutritional support. However, the cod liver oil of varying quality. Distillation of medicinal cod liver oil is considered the best quality. Do not try any unsolicited cod liver oil

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