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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 05


One of the symptoms of pregnancy is: nausea


This may make you feel totally unprepared very surprised. The symptoms may be the first week of pregnancy appeared. Many women fasting morning coffee, breakfast time, will vomit. This is known as the morning sickness. Some pregnant women feel nausea in the afternoon or evening. While others will feel nauseated all day.

Scientific reason:

Baby released ammonia in pregnancy woman but ammonia is not suitable in our body so this is one of reason to nausea and vomiting


More than a small amount of food can alleviate such symptoms. Some women think that canned sardines and milk helpful in alleviating nausea.

Such symptoms in the pregnant one month after the start of the show slowly, when you enter the first six months, its intensity will be gradually reduced, the body will slowly adapt to the body due to pregnancy for a variety of changes.

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