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Friday, 20 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 11

Stomach pain or constipation

A pregnant women can also have constipation

Scientific reason:

Expansion of the uterus, resulting in the expansion of the uterus, when squeezed into the stomach and other organs has led to stomach pain and constipation. In addition, the increase in hormone levels, will lead to slow digestion and hinder digestion vitamins, minerals, nutrients digestive function properly. Eat prenatal vitamin, mineral nutrition, drugs, it is important for fetal development.

Constipation in pregnancy is very common


Eat more fruits and veggies
The slow digestion of the stomach can cause stomach secrete more acid to digest food, which led to the production of stomach pain. Soda water or hot water can relieve stomach pain. More than a small amount of food more easily digested. Drink water; eat more fruits and vegetables, raisins, whole grains can help digestion. Some daily vitamin supplements containing digestive components. These can help pregnant women to digest.
You take any antacid; make sure to consult your doctor. Because antacids may contain aluminum and other elements should be avoided. Stomach pain and constipation during your pregnancy continues there.

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