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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 15

Pain at the waist

Early pregnancy symptoms of lower back pain can be said to be a real pain. 

Pain in the waist

Scientific reason:

This causes pain at the waist a lot, because of your weight changes. Because of pregnancy, your weight gain, larger uterus, the fetus continues to grow every week. In addition, because the body changes. Fetal body weight concentrated in the front, so that the burden on the waist. Pregnancy is like the back of a backpack in front. This change increased the burden on the waist.

Low back pain

In addition, lack of sleep at night is also a reason for low back pain. You may be lateral, or constantly looking for comfortable sleeping position. But also pulling back muscles in sleep. Buy a pillow for pregnant women, can help you sleep a little incense.

Finally, the hormonal and physical changes within it will also back pain. Your body is constantly preparing for the Pro disk, some of your joints and ligaments to become loose and temporary disk. All these factors combined resulted in early pregnancy, when was the waist pain. Experts estimate that more than half of pregnant women have this symptoms.

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