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Monday, 30 January 2012

Pregnancy symptoms 02

Sensitive breasts

One obvious feature of pregnancy is: your breasts start to become sensitive, swelling, feel pain for no reason. You may find a comfortable sleeping position sleep, exercise, or in the shower, or wear clothes, feel breast, went.

Scientific reason:

When you are pregnant, your body starts to milk, milk preparations. Hormones begin to increase. In addition, the breasts will become sensitive and swollen; the nipple will become very sore and sensitive. Some women find their nipples will be black.

If you work intensity, fast-paced life, has eight weeks of pregnancy is not knowing if the abnormal changes of the breast is also an important reminder for you. More than eight weeks of pregnancy, breast swelling occurs, hemp and micro itching, nipple color will be on deepening, will appear around the areola, thick dark brown nodules.

When breast feeding, breast play a very important role. So, when you were pregnant, breast will become sensitive, and expansion. This is an obvious pregnancy symptom.


Can be used to heat, massage and other ways to relieve breast discomfort. Gently massage the breast by hand every day to promote breast development and regular cleaning of the nipple.

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